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in our health-care system for health the outcomes rather than just pay for procedures. we get great procedures and a lot of them. >> to answer your question on medicare, i have proposed a way to make sure medicare is solvent for the future. i believe we need to make sure social security and medicare for current recipients, as well as for generations. two ideas i think would help. one, a gradual age increase for eligibility. as well as an income adjustment to it. tim criticizes it. i think it makes a great deal of sense that we treat someone with high-priced -- high blood pressure before they have a stroke. there is more competition and choice. seniors to not have to go up hills and worry about whether they have to afford medications. with the competition, it came under budget. as far as obamacare is concerned, he said it is "great for democrats." i do not think it is great for seniors. they are very worried the obamacare approach will raise $700 billion from medicare. we have already heard from someone who has had heart trouble. he will go back to medical research rather than provid
of fraud, but hard to catch and investigate. what do we do about the continuing health-care cost problem. would you support a replacement of fee-for-service to help try to reduce the rising costs? >> health care is something that affects every person in every business in massachusetts. i was proud to work on our health care bill that actually insures 98% of our people. we did it without raising taxes and we did it without the one- size-fits-all. the federal bill, which my opponent supports and i do not, raises taxes. the folks that have the so- called cadillac tax plans, the teachers, they will be taxed tens of thousands of dollars. i believe everybody should have health care. that is why i supported what we did here in massachusetts. i think other states should be incentivized. to think the federal government will tell massachusetts where we have the best doctors in the world, that is unacceptable. the codes changed regularly. there really is no certainty and stability. it is something we need to continue to work on. >> 90 seconds. >> you are right about the control of the senate. scott
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2